SaltPig Curing Company is a small artisanal company, set up from a chef’s perspective, which aims to create the best salamis and cured meats in the UK. The produce and livestock available in the UK and, in particular, the Cotswolds are second to none and paired with a determination for perfection can be turned into world class charcuterie.


SaltPig is in its infancy and, due to the drying times, some of the products are not readily available yet but please see our list of products that we are in the process of making. All products are made from rare breed pigs local to us in Chipping Norton and all are fully traceable to their breed


Please call or email to discuss anything. We’d love to hear from you. We will update this page with stockists in the near future

Email: ben@saltpigcuring.co.uk
Telephone 01608 641105
Ben 07807 101299

Saltpig Curing Company LTD

Producers of Cotswold Cured meats have been supported in the setting up and fitting our of our curing business by the Cotswolds LEADER Program.
It is part-funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.